Dental Unit Kiss S+

Exclusive design, Quality Engineering

Is the result of the idea of a few Italian dentists, tired to spend a lot of money for complex and too much technological dental units. We THINK DIFFERENT! We are introducing a different vision of dental unit, by making a unit that combines reliability, simplicity of installation and maintenance to a good price. We reduced the amount of electronic parts in our equipment to the minimum, thus ensuring the machines reliability in operation. This results in less occurrance of technical incidence and therefore, less costs for maintenance and assistance and a lower cost of purchase. SO, WHY SPEND SO MUCH WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME RESULT WITH OUR SS_KISS?!


You can choose which kind of instrument tray is more suitable for you based on your habits. Also the choice of the spittoon is up to you, the dark glass spittoon is removable to make the cleaning operation easier, The ceramic one is not removable. No matter which one you prefer, there will be no additional costs!

Micromotors & Controllers
Micromotors & Controllers
The instrument tray can be equipped with one or more micromotors. Micromotors can be pneumatic or electric depending on the requirements of each customer. For the installation of electric micormotors on our SS_ONE, there are three different solution:
The SEAT and the BACKREST have been designed to improve the comfort and the stability of the patient on the chair. The particular ergonomics allows the doctor to work in a more suitable position. Working in 12 o’clock position will be easier.
The structure of the backrest is in metal and it is very thin, this way the doctor can get closer to the patient and have a better working position.
The design of the chair base grants a wider movement of the seat. It is thin and allows the chair to rea


your dental unit

SS_KISS can be equipped, according to your needs, with the addition of many options. The internal simplicity of the machine remains the same but, following your requests, we can customize your unit in order to make it PERFECT for you! Your experience and feedbacks help us to constantly improve our unit and find the best solution in any situation. We have a special team which can fulfill those requests that lie outside the standard production process. Therefore it is possible to adjust ergonomic and functional aspects of the unit according to your requests. If you have a WISH, we try to make it REAL!

Digital Options


• Monitor 24 V, color, 15”, with glass protection • Intraoral USB Camera , high definition, auto focus and mouse, LED illumination - by SIMPLE&SMART Italy • Arms Set for monitor installation

MONITOR and CAMERA are installed on the dental unit with a special pole set. The camera has an USB connection and allow to save images on a SD memory card. This high definition camera (1280 x 720) is equipped with autofocus and mouse, LED illumination with 3 different intensity levels. The head of the camera can rotate 280 °, this feature facilitates your job and reduces discomfort for the patient. The Endoscope KIT is the PERFECT SOLUTION to show to your patients your work in real time.


• Panel PC Installed on the unit, touch screen, wireless mouse and keyboard.

• USB Camera Connected to the panel PC _ Made by CARESTREAM - France

• Arms Set for monitor installation

PANEL PC and CAMERA can be installed also separately, but the BEST SOLUTION is to use them together. The PC is touch screen and it works as a normal computer. Internet connection, RVG system, endocamera and all management programs can be controlled directly from your operation site. The combination with the camera allows to get and save all images you need.

Color Options

What is included?

The standard configuration includes:

  • Ergonomic chair.
  • Autoclavable silicone pads.
  • Left arm rest (right armrest as option).
  • 5 instruments: 1 of eco 3-ways syringe, 1 Woodpecker scaler EMS compatible with 5 tips included, 2 optical fibres cordon, 1 cordon without optical fibres. Cordons with midwest connection.
  • Control panel on instrument tray: 3 programmable positions (trendelemburg position + reset position + last working position). Light control, basin control and programmable glass filling control, water boiler activation, x-ray viewer activation. chair movement controls.
  • Assistant tray: 1 of 3-ways syringe, double suction cannula (strong and wake suction) with 2 separated airtight filters.
  • Hot water boiler
  • Rotatable water unit with internal structure in aluminum.
  • Control panel on assistant tray: chair movement controls. Reset position, last working position. Light control, programmable basin control and glass filling control, water boiler activation.
  • LED operation lamp with sensor, intensity up to 30.000 lux.
  • Multifunctional pneumatic pedal: control for instrument activation (even for the electric micromotor), chair movement joystick, water activation switch, basin and glass activation button, chip air button.
  • Disinfection system.
  • Doctor stool in PU leather, with 3 possible seat and backrest adjustments.
  • Pu leather cushions (without seams). High quality PU production process. Antisnatch.
  • 1 year warranty (extendible up to 5 years)
  • Installation available also for left-handed doctors.
  • Linak or T-motion motors.

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