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iClave Plus: Class B autoclave (18 liters) - Nsk

NSK iClave Plus Copper Chamber Autoclave:

  • Capacity 18 liters
  • Programmable and maximum security (EN13060 Standard)
  • Faster and more efficient sterilization
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Capacity 4 kg of solid load and 1,5 kg of porous load.
  • CUSTOM PRODUCT. Please, check with us the delivery time.Quantity 

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NSK Class B iClave Plus Autoclave

iClave plus complies with the standards providing faster sterilization and a more efficient drying phase . It is eco-friendly and sterilizes delicately and adapted to handpieces.

Characteristics of the NSK class B iClave autoclave:

  • Class B autoclave (according to EN 13060).
  • Meets sterilization standards.
  • Chamber of 18 liter capacity .
  • With a useful volume equivalent to larger autoclaves.
  • Made of copper with adaptive heat type heating.
  • It allows to reach a homogeneous temperature inside the camera.
  • Its control panel is easy to use , with a color code that indicates the phase it is in.
  • Vacuum sterilizes all kinds of instruments .
  • Offers 50% more capacity than other autoclaves.
  • In the drying phase, the air passes through a bacteriological filter to increase safety.
  • External measurements: 445 x 532 x 428 mm.
  • Measurements of the camera : Ø240 x 384 mm.
  • Net weight: 55kg
  • Content : 1 unit.

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