LK-LB06B Articulators (M)Cu

Articulators (M)Cu LK-LB06B

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  • Artnr: 71-9

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Magnetic Denture Articulator

1,With Magnetic Mounting System
2,Lateral incisal path guide angle 10 degree
Magnetic Denture Articulator is an articulator that combines the advantages of easy use,simplicity and ability to check fluctuations of the vertical dimension in the mean value articulator. The base is fabricated from die-cast aluminum and the moving parts employ hardened stainless steel. This design prevents loss of accuracy from wear. The split cast plate with an inserted magnet has made insertion and removal of the cast easier. The cast plate has allowed elimination of the notched area, the plaster operation has been simplified by including dimples on the plate surface,and the appearance of split cast plate has been improved. The incisal guide pin, which allows adjustment of the vertical dimension during teeth alignment and adjustment has been raised to a position 5 millimeters above the upper bow and a scale graduated in millimeters has been engraved.

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