LK-D13 Autoklav 23L Klass B

Autoklav LK-D13 23L

52 000,00 SEK 45 600,00 SEK

  • Artnr: 15

Beskrivning av artikel

LK-D13 Dental Autoclave  23L

1.Touchscreen;2.Bluetooth;3.Delay-Start;4.sleep-mode;5water monitoring; app;7.pipeline cleanning

  1. Attention:water quality monitoring device;

well-known drain valve

water flow control switch

well-known door motor and pressure control switch

  1. It adopts European B standard,with 3-time pre-Vacuum preceding vacuum drying.Resodia;humidity is <0.2;vacuum measurement reaches -0.80bar.
    It sterilizes ad sanitizes miscellaneouspacked or unpacked medical instruments,whether with multi-apertures or inset pipes.It efficiently rid air from every hollow area of any hollow instrument,such as handpiece,making sure that water steam reaches every corner
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