Behandlingsstol DentoPro DP-D09

280 000,00 SEK 256 000,00 SEK

  • Artnr: 1109

Beskrivning av artikel

Colorful unit box with rotatable function

2. Sensor LED sensor light

3. Ergonoic solutions chair, make patient more comfortable .

4. 9 momery LCD touch screen control system.

5. Fashional Headrest

6. Aluminum backrest & leather cushion

7. Rotatable removable caramic spitoon

8. Imported Italian Solenoid valve

9. Fashional removable handrest

10.High quality imported USA suction tube and air water hoses

11. High quality 24V D.C noiseless motor

1. LED sensor light with super clear light spot and light intensity adjustable, with very flexible light arm                       2. Well-designed hanging delivery tray, detachable & easy to clean handpiece holder block                                              3. Full function control panel: spitting position setting, operation light control, x-ray film viewer control, zero position control, emergency position

4. Spitting position setting: Press the spitting position button, automatically backrest upward, bowl rinsing start, light turns off; press again, automatically return to working status, backrest backward, bowl rinsing closes, light turns on    5. Multifunction foot pedal with unique fixed metal handle and fashion design, with chair position control, with bowl rinsing and cup filling control

6. High quality water and air tube and drain pipe                                                                             

7. Good metal surface treatment with powder coating  

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