Behandlingstol DentoPro DP-D03

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Patient Chair:                                                                   

 Handmade sewed ultra-fiber leather upholstery Synchronized chair design

Chair interlock system, Water-air-electricity with one on/off switch control Chair position memory (9sets)                    Spitting chair position, Luxury multi-function foot pedal, Luxury LED operation Light, 

Opearation tray:                                                                                                                                                       Top-mounted tray, Full function control panel with 16 buttons, X-ray film viewer, 3-way syringe (cold),                      Main side box:                                                                                                                                                              Rotary glass cuspidor, Saliva ejector with high and low suction, Automatic cuspidor flush&water supply with costant temperature, Purified water supply system                                                                                                                 Assistand control:                                                                                                                                                    Multi-function and control panel with 8buttons, 3-way syringe (heat), Weak suction and adjustable strong suction        Built-in type floor box, Luxury type dentist stool

1. Synchronized chair with big and handmade sewed ultra-fiber leather upholstery, with chair interlock system, more safe and comfortable 2.Well-designed top-mounted tray, easy to operate 3. With LCD screen displaying the working status, 3 doctors with 9 sets of chair position memory, spitting position setting, operation light control, x-ray film viewer control, zero position control 4. Rotary side box, easy to move 5. Water-air-electricity all in one switch 6. Spitting position setting: Press the spitting position button, automatically backrest upward, bowl rinsing start, light turns off; press again, automatically return to working status, backrest backward, bowl rinsing closes, light turns on 7. LED sensor light with super clear light spot and light intensity adjustable 8. Luxury dentisit stool

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