Dentsply Composite Spectrum Tph3

Dentsply Composite Spectrum Tph3

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Dentsply Composite Spectrum Tph3


By employing DENTSPLY Caulk's exclusive micro-matrix application of nano-technology, we have taken TPH Restorative to new heights. Introducing TPH3 Restorative - a breakthrough in handling, beauty and simplicity.

When it comes to creamy, TPH restorative has always risen to the top. TPH3 Restorative has the same creamy handling and easy control that you have loved for years. Based on feedback from TPH Restorative users, TPH3 Restorative is still creamy, and even less tacky.

TPH has always offered superb color reproduction from surrounding tooth structure. With proprietary synergistic fillers and the patented and clinically proven TPH resin matrix, TPH3 Restorative provides optical properties that TPH users say are superior to even what TPH Restorative has provided for years.

Nano technology provides TPH3 Restorative with significantly higher polishability compared to TPH Restorative, plus enamel-like luster, opalescence and reflectivity.

The TPH technique and shading system has always been based on simplicity. TPH3 Restorative utilizes the same shading system and technique you currently use with TPH Restorative.

Improved esthetic results and high wear resistance were achieved with our exclusive micro-matrix application of nanotechnology. TPH3 Restorative's clinically relevant physical properties such as fracture toughness (important for Class IV), flexural modulus (Class V), and radiopacity remain at the same high performing level that you have come to expect from TPH restorative over the years

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