Charisma Composite Heraeus for Light Cure

Charisma Composite Heraeus for Light Cure

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Charisma Composite Heraeus for Light Cure

Charisma® Is a universal light-curing ultra-fine particle hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations which has been clinically tested over many years.

Thanks to Charisma's pronounced chameleon effect, patients' demands for aesthetically high-grade long-lasting restorations can be fulfilled. Charisma is based on a matrix of Bis-GMA, various photoinitiators and TEGDMA. Charisma contains 78 percent by weight of organic fillers composed of X-ray opaque Microglass® (Ø 0.7 μ M/ max. >2.0 μ M) and highly dispersive silicon dioxide (0.01-0.07 μ M/Ø 0.04 μ M).

Class I-V fillings
Form and colour corrections
Diastema closure
Milk tooth restorations
Correction of developmental dental defects (e. G. Enamel dysplasia)
Splinting of teeth loosened through trauma

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