3M Adper Single Bond

3M Adper Single Bond

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3M Adper Single Bond 


1. All classes of direct composite restorations, as well as root surface Desensitization and porcelain veneers. 

2. Indirect restorations after light curing. 

3. With 3M ESPE RelyX Ceramic Primer and 3M ESPE RelyX Veneer Cement. 

4. When combined with 3M ESPE RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement. Nanofiller is stable and will not settle, no shaking needed. 

The Nanofiller particles in Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive are added in a Manner that does not allow them to cluster together. 

The particles are stable and will not settle out of dispersion. So unlike some filled Adhesives, Adper Single Bond 2 adhesive does not require shaking 

Prior to use. Dentists can have total confidence the adhesive is perfectly mixed

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