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"Developing the next generation of dental Technology"

About DentoPro

DentoPro®  is a part of the Swedish Company NMT (Nordic Medico Tech) we are more than just a distributor of Dental Care products. We work with product development in collaborations with research companies and our own reseach. The Result is our DentoPro®   dental restorative material with a fast growing demand on the market worldwide. 

DentoPro®  Nordic Developed Products

Our Strength

Is Our History

We have a management with a long experience in the field of Dental Technology, Bio Material reasearch and product development.


DentoPro® has in many years of collaborations with research companies in the dental care industry constantly contributed to the next generation of dental technology.

Product Development

We are constantly working on product development, close to our manufacturer which has resulted in our own products.

Quality Management

Our quality engineers work closely with our producers and research teams. We have high demands on the production of our products with TQM and Sixsigma.  


Worldwide Network

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  • Sweden
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  • Denmark

Demand for the DentoPro® products is constantly increasing worldwide, which is why we are looking for Distribution Partners in: