About us

About DentoPro®


A Result of years of Research & Development

DentoPro® A result of many years of research and development from the Swedish Company Trita Medical. With a high quality and high standard requst from the scandinavian dentist and years of research in material Development it is our proud to introduce the DentoPro® brand to dentist worldwide. 

Our Strength

We have a management with a long experience in the field of Dental Technology, Bio Material reasearch and product development.


DentoPro®with our own research team in the heart of Scandinavia, Gothenburg Sweden, With many years of experience in research and development.


We are constantly working on product development close to our customers need which has resulted of a high quality product.


By understanding the needs of the dentists A high qualified engineering team research and development.


We are looking for partners worldwide, if you like to become distributor or dealer in your region dont hesitate to contact us.